As former college students, we have had our fair share of experiences! Ordering essays from several different companies taught us a lot about seeing through the scam. We will find the best service!

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1 EssayPro.Com
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2 EssayShark.Com
Satisfactory Visit Review
3 StudyBay.Com
Mediocre Visit Review
4 CustomWritings.Com
Mediocre Visit Review
5 EssayPro.Net
Poor Visit Review

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They claim to offer reasonable prices claim to understand that it is possible to provide a good service at a low price since overcharging has never been a guarantee for good survive anywhere. They say that they are able to provide a good price because the freelance authors they employ are experienced and therefore work efficiently. This saves time and resources.

Discounts are guaranteed

According to a discount is guaranteed. Even though they make this idea of a guaranteed discount code and coupon, there is no place on their landing page that shows what this guaranteed discount is. They seem to be just vague in such a manner that they are not really promising anything specific.

Their writers are so good they can imitate the way a student writes

At they are conscious of the ramifications of being caught handing over an assignment that is not the student’s. They claim that they mitigate this risk by understanding each of their students and them imitating them. How easy this is to do in practice, is yet to be seen. It sounds easier said than done.

Discount system information very difficult to locate promises promo codes for both old and returning customers but it is very difficult to locate the information on their site. It looks like this is an empty promise that they have absolutely no intention to fulfill. If they really wanted to offer the coupons, they would make it easy for someone to get them.

They plagiarize papers

According to writers’ review of the site, during the process of ordering the paper, they portray themselves as good people who will do as the customer wants using a professional writer. Once the order has been placed, they give the work to amateurs who will do nothing but present an essay that would win the best prize in the art of plagiarism.

They get the formatting wrong

One site review of indicates that they are good at presenting mediocre work. The review also says they do not seem to have an idea of how to format properly. However, their support team is always ready to answer questions on the chat service and the customer service number. There is no indication that they know Facebook exists! Yet they claim they can do a modern job! Really!