As former college students, we have had our fair share of experiences! Ordering essays from several different companies taught us a lot about seeing through the scam. We will find the best service!

# Essay Writing Service Rating Rate Verdict Visit site Read Review
1 EssayPro.Com
Excellent Visit Review
2 EssayShark.Com
Satisfactory Visit Review
3 StudyBay.Com
Mediocre Visit Review
4 CustomWritings.Com
Mediocre Visit Review
5 EssayPro.Net
Poor Visit Review

About Us

As college students ourselves, we recognize the struggle of writing lengthy and pointless essays. After trying several essay writing services throughout the web, we created reviews for sites that are commonly visited. Check them out below!

Who We Are

Meet Kurt Brase, Adam Campbell and Sabrina Ryder. We are your average college students that went through the rigorous path of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. After spending a ridiculous amount of time writing different types of essays for all courses, we realized there was untapped potential in essay writing services. Kurt and Adam both majored in Computer Science while Sabrina was studying for a degree in IT (Information Technology). Obviously as students, we were always given tons of work to do for our important classes. As if that wasn’t enough, getting pelted by general education courses and their work requirements really sucked up most of our time. So me (Kurt) and Adam started to investigate into this rather low key resource: Essay Writing Services. After doing some research, we were able to find some cool sites and realized that our efforts could be used to help out all college students!

What Do We Do

Essay Writing Services are really just unsung heroes. They are automatically given a bad rep just because of who they are, and proving themselves can only heal so many wounds. While they may seem sketchy and unethical, we have learned that these services save you a very important resource: time. Not every essay that you write in college will hugely impact your success, and we understand that college is a time with endless opportunity on a limited clock. Because of this, we have put together reviews for some of the various services around the web. These reviews are based on 4 main criteria: Quality, Price, Site-Usability and of course Customer Service. When all 4 criteria are generally positive, that’s when the site will receive 4 or 5 stars. Services within this range will always give you work that is satisfactory, so aim towards hiring those.

Quality: Above all else, this is the BIGGEST determining factor towards our review of the site. Anybody can say that they have top-tier writers, but can these supposed “Mini Shakespeare’s” actually walk the walk? A lot of times, companies offshore their jobs where they find writers that have super low wages. Of course, these sites hire these writers, but doing this severely punishes them in quality. It’s not difficult to spot a difference between a native speaker and an international semi speaker, so be careful when choosing your site!

Price: Usually, the better the content, the more expensive the job costs. Though self-explanatory, most sites over exaggerate the quality of their writer’s work. Unfortunately, naïve college students fall into the trap and end up paying a ton of money for some kind of garbage. Our job is to compare price for quantity, and sort it out for our audience.

Site-Usability: Apple knew what they were talking about when they promoted user-friendliness. We try and reciprocate that successful model as much as possible when judging the sites. The more comfortable a user is on the site, the more likely they will be to throw money at them. This makes logical sense, but still many sites struggle to improve their interior and this reduces traffic to their sites.

Customer Service: “The customer is always right”: a phrase that should be followed till the end of time. When customers are satisfied with the site, they naturally return for further use (look at Google). We review things such as: Live Chat, Return Policies, Reliability and Overall customer satisfaction to get an idea of how pro-customer the site really is.

What’s The Point?

Our mission is to save you time and money. There are boatloads of essay writing services that all vary. Some provide you with high-quality organized pieces, while others spam you with amateur crap. If you feel that a certain assignment you received is just a gap-filler, then its definitely not a bad idea to check out Essay Writing Services. You will no longer have to wander the web trying to filter out the weeds, so make the most of the extra time you get.